Exploring The Impact Of Using Genres Of Digital Media On Developing Expressive Language Skills Of Special Learners: The Perspective Of Teachers In Punjab (Pakistan)

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Hafiz Muhammad Moazzam Ali , Dr. Muhammad Aslam , Dr. Muhammad Javed Aftab , Dr. Samina Ashraf , Dr. Hina Hadayat Ali , Dr. Muhammad Nazir


The research focuses on how various genres of digital media impact the expressive language of children with special needs. In Pakistan, there is a scarcity of research on the use of digital media to assist children with special needs develop their expressive language abilities. This descriptive study sampled 332 instructors from the Punjab's special education department from a population of 2406 special education teachers. The data was examined using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Cronbach's Alpha was used to verify consistency in the data, and the Pearson correlation coefficient was utilized to demonstrate that our results were relevant. The self-designed survey's goal was to explore effects of genres of digital media on the expressive language development of special needs children. The study backs up our claim that increased digital media exposure for special needs children would greatly enhance their expressive language skills. The study proposes assisting special-needs children in using genres of digital media to improve expressive language and social outcomes. 

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