Contribution Of Latest Technology In Higher Education In Pakistan

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Areeba Bukhari, Shadab Iqbal, Dr. Madieha Akram, Dr. Raja Shahryar, Dr. Aamir Hayat


The prime objective of present survey research was to access and evaluate the present status of technological use by students in educational institutions. This study was focus link between technology and education. Importance of technology, its value and current situation of education systems also focused on this research. This research study was quantitative in nature. The assessment survey conducted upon 159 university students. Information collection instrument was questionnaire. The survey conducted through an adopted questionnaire.14 evaluation statements used to conduct this survey. All statements based on five-point Likert scale. The validity and reliability of questionnaire statements were tested and assure by a reliability analysis test, Cronbach alpha. Statistical analysis applied through SPSS. Univariate analysis applied to get the descriptive results and bivariate analysis applied to examine the correlational variables, their influence upon each other, and relationship strength. The collected information results indicate that technology has become central point in educational learning. It has made easy to get education rapidly. All the digital instruments, websites, applications, and other resources helps students to learn quick and improve their educational skills by updated and latest knowledge. Digital instruments not only beneficial for students but also professors to teach in an advance efficient way.

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