A Qualitative Study Of Successful Women Entrepreneurs Of First Generation In Education Sector

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Dr. Saud Ilahi


Women's entrepreneurship is capturing attention and significance in the glare of shreds of evidence concerning the contribution of females in business creation and economic development. It is evident that second-generation women entrepreneurs have to push ahead with legacy, contrary to those first-generation women entrepreneurs have to confront numerous challenges at various stages of the business. Therefore, this study aims at exploring the driving forces that influence the choice of these women to commence and manage their ventures successfully in the education sector. The data was collected through semi-structured interviews with eight first-generation women entrepreneurs from north India. The qualitative study was conducted with the application of content analysis. The findings of the study revealed eight major themes, which contain: motivation, support network, selection of particular business, overcoming hindrances, managerial skills, mentors, customer loyalty, and success accountable for the achievement of first-generation women entrepreneurs.

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