The Difference Between The Rule Of Pakistani Bureaucracy And The Califate Rashida

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Dr. HM Azhar Usama , Muhammad Muneeb Raza , Muhammad Umair Razzaq , Hafiz Syed Shoaib Altaf , Saadat Ali Nadeem


This research paper describes the difference between the rules of the Pakistani bureaucracy and the Califate Rashida. Research review revealed that Islam gave the government's administrative positions and bureaucracy the status of trust rather than counting the rights of the government. For those who are completely empty of the life of the Hereafter, the pursuit of the Hour, and the concept of punishment, for them, they can undoubtedly be very attractive within them, because they have only the bright side in front of them, their darkness. They are completely unfamiliar with the aspects, just as they agree with the other blessings of life, without any sense of responsibility and do not allow their luxury to be worried about the fears of the individual, as well as the domestic and national responsibilities. Never raise as a responsibility, but rather consider a right and as far as their bus runs, they take advantage of them, but a Muslim who is taught that each of you a shepherd and everyone will be questioned about him, a man will be questioned about his wife and children, a woman will be questioned about her city and children, from the master. There will be a question about his slave, the rulers will have a question about their concession. How can he understand the fact that with the many of the boys who have previously been on it, the judge of a city, a province or a country's rich or any other administrative position and official. After being held in the position, the burden should also be loaded on his waist. This foolishness can be done by the person who is completely unfamiliar with his responsibilities and is completely relieved of himself.

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