Trends Of Sufism In World Religions

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Safia , Dr. Badshah Rehman , Hassina Khan , Anwar Muhammad , Dr. Aminullah , Bahrullah


The article based on review of literature obtained from various sources including web based platforms, electronic library information systems and Books from Library of International Islamic University Islamabad, University of Malakand and University of Swat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In current research study the trends of Sufism in five major and important religions of the world namely; Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism and Islam has been highlighted for better understanding of the concept is under consideration. Sufism is not the name of any religion, it’s the name of a particular philosophy, an attitude or a thought and view manifested by every religion in its own way. Hence, Sufism shows difference with religion that purely concerned with the concept of God in known religions of the world. Where they stated that God is the most powerful creator of the Universe and everything happens is his will irrespective of his relation to the Universe. Contrary to this concept according to Sufism almighty God, named Allah is enormously greater and transcendent from everything in the Universe. He is the only creator and powerful judge with strict rules but most kind toward admirers owing to their religious dedications. In addition, Sufism is stated that every single particle in this Universe is manifestation of Almighty Allah.

In view of the above mentioned major religions of the world, ways for worship and remembrance of God are very similar to each other with some sort of differences in one or the other way. Thus a way of worship known as Sufism is found in all known religions with their own beliefs.

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