Individuation Process In The Character Of Sara Miles From Graham Green’s “The End Of The Affair”

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Sheeba Sadaf , Sama Sareer , Anum Saleem , Sajjad Ahmad , Reham Sana


The present study intends to analyze the character of Sara Miles in the novel The End of the Affair by Graham Green with its primary focus on individuation. The main purpose of the study is to study the character of Sara Miles through the lens of Jungian Psychoanalytical theory of Individuation. In addition, the study explains how the main character goes through various events in her life and reaches the maturity. According to Carl Gustav Jung, finding one’s own self is the greatest ever finding by a human being. Such a process of self-recognition and self-exploration is coined as individuation process by Jung. The term, Individuation, is associated with Jung and the psychology introduced by him. The traits of individuation theory are much visible in the character of Sara Miles in the end of the novel. The study is qualitative in nature where the novel has been analyzed through textual analysis. The incidents that shows the psychological journey of Sara Miles have been analyzed under the theoretical consideration of Carl Jung. The main character Sara behaves like hating Maurice and is an atheist but with the passage of time she realizes that she is in love with Maurice and through her love she accepts the existence of the God. She starts love with Maurice although she does not take this relation serious in beginning of their affair. Thus she becomes consciously aware of her unconscious relation with Maurice. The role of conscious and unconscious is undeniable since materials are coming from conscious and the unconscious. This trait of self-exploration in Sara’s character clearly indicates the individuation process. Persona is another feature of individuation dealing with efforts of individuals. Jung gives the name to the efforts made by an individual for adopting the demands of the outside world. Sara adopts this very persona in order to hide her reality from the outer world so that she is secured. She also behaves so manly which has resulted in her such a brilliant portrayal. An individual pass through many stages when it comes to development of personality. She also goes through these stages for her maturity and her mental development. Hence, it is argued that the novel is a true replica of individuation where Sara has been brilliantly portrayed by having all of the features of Jungian individuation.

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