Sindhī Translations And Commentaries Of The Qurʾān In The 19th And 20th Centuries

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Dr. Mukhtiar A. Kandhro , Prof Dr. Sanaullah Bhutto , Dr. Muneer Ahmed , Dr. Khursheed Ahmed


The Holy Qurʾān, has been translated in various languages of the world. According to the sources, it was first translated in Sindhi Language in Sindh during the Arab Rule in third/ninth century. This Sindhi translation is not extant at present. This paper studies the various Sindhi translation works rendered by the local Sindhi scholars particularly in nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Some widespread and widely read Sindhi translations of the Holy Qurʾān have been studied in terms of their linguistic style and scope for the understanding of this great religious holy scripture. Fourteen other Sindhi translations of the Holy Qurʾān have been mentioned to the extent of their authors, year of publication or year of manuscript. This will pave way to future researchers to study Sindhi translation and commentary work rendered by the scholars in the twenty first century, which will bring to the fore new insights in the historical development of the translation work.     

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