Emotional Intelligence, Self-Esteem, And Anger Among Adolescents In Pakistan

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Dr. Anila Sadaf Mubashir, Prof. Dr. Saima Dawood, Dr. Wahida Anjum


The current study examined the relationship between emotional intelligence, self-esteem, and anger among adolescents. The sample consisted of 700 participants (350 boys and 350 girls) aged 13 to 19 years from schools and colleges of government and private sectors of Data Ganj Buksh town, Lahore. Purposive sampling and co-relational research design were used. Demographic information form, the scale for emotional intelligence, brief self-esteem inventory, and the state-trait anger expression Inventory-I were used for the data collection. Results indicated a highly significant positive relationship between emotional intelligence and self-esteem, while these constructs were negatively associated with anger. This study will be helpful for the campus administrations, teachers, and campus counselors to work on students' emotional intelligence to improve their self-esteem, which effectively helps reduce anger among adolescents.

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