Information Seeking Behavior Regarding The Adoption Of Information Technology To Improve Farming Practice In Punjab: A Case Study Of District Vehari

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Mr. Muhammad Nausher , Mr. Noor Khan , Mr. Khurram Shahzad , Miss.Moiza Saleem , Dr. Asma Islam


The study's major purpose was to assess information-seeking behavior regarding the adoption of information technology to improve farming practices in Punjab: a case study of District Vehari. The study's objective was to explore the application of Information Technology to improve farming practices in Punjab. The study was limited to farmers in the Vehari District. The research was holistic in character and subjective in approach, with an interactive design. The methodology used in the study was qualitative in nature. The research was carried out using a case study as the research design. The population of the study was the farmers of district Vehari including 105 Union Councils. Data was collected qualitatively. After doing a literature study, semi structured interview was developed for the purpose of data collection. To select the sample, multi-stage sampling technique was used. There were selected 06 union councils from rural and urban locality conveniently. 18 farmers were interviewed .Thematic analysis technique was used to analyze the qualitative data. For each question, the exact words of the responses were written. The general themes that emerged from the responses of the respondents were formulated. Findings were made based on qualitative data analysis, and then conclusions were drawn. It was concluded that the farmers in Punjab were found to have a lack of financial resources, educational facilities, social issues, institutional issues, passive support by Agriculture Department, behavioral/psychological problems, a lack of Information agricultural technologies, and institutional set up as well as private sector services in the agriculture area. It was suggested that the Government should provide sufficient funds to the farmers to use Information technology. Agricultural farmers should be required to get technical education.

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