Bungalows Of The British Raj In Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan

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Ifqut Shaheen (corresponding author) , Sirat Gohar , Syeda Aysha , Ausima Sultan


British ruled over Sindh for a little more than a hundred years (1843-1947). During that period a new administrative setup was introduced and advancements were made in different areas such as health, education, transportation and communication, water management and heritage management. For administrative and other such purposes, buildings were erected in cities and along the major routes and water channels. These buildings as monumental symbols of the British Raj make an integral part of the built heritage of Sindh, and of South Asia at large. This study deals with the bungalows of the Raj located in the Shikarpur district of Sindh, Pakistan. A pamphlet entitled “List of bungalows intended for the use of touring officers and travelling public in Sind, with the rules for their occupation” was first published in 1922 by the British government (which was reprinted in 1955 by the Government of Pakistan). It aimed to facilitate the officers and common public. A total of 377 Raj’s bungalows situated in the extent of Sindh are mentioned therein. Of these, nine sites namely Shikarpur, Garhi Yasin, Sahita, Gaheja, Ayo-jo-Goth, Ruk, Chak, Shahpur and Chiman are located in the present-day Shikarpur district. This paper presents the results of the fieldwork done in 2020 in District Shikarpur. Our general observations also relate to the present state and condition of the structures and buildings.

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