Re-Examining The Legal School Of Imam Sufyan Al-Thawri: A Study Of His Jurisprudential Contributions

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Sami ul Haq , Hafiza Umme Salma , Anila Bibi , Bushra Bibi , Imdad Ullah


This research article explores the demise of Imam Thawri's fiqh and its underlying causes. The study reveals that the primary reason for the demise of Imam Thawri's fiqh was due to his disciples not compiling his fiqh issues and his distance from academic centers. Despite this, Imam Thawri was known for his unique fiqh position and the title "Amir al-Mu'minin fi al-Hadith" that he used for himself. The distinctive feature of his fiqh was his approach of establishing his opinion according to the understanding of the hadiths. This approach often led to contradictions with the opinions of other scholars, while at times he agreed with the views of other Imams. The study suggests that a comprehensive understanding of Imam Thawri's fiqh can be achieved by examining his unique approach towards hadith interpretation and analyzing his opinions in the context of other Islamic legal schools.

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