The Effect Of Using Kahoot As Formative Assessment Tool At Undergraduate Level To Improve Learning Outcomes

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Fatima Batool , Saba Iqbal , Muhammad Mudassar Mahmood , Ra’ana Yasin , Hassaan Bin Adil , Laiba Naeem


The evaluation of 21st century abilities has been one of the "hottest" subjects in the community of educational measurement for the past ten years.1

Background: Teachers frequently have difficulty keeping students' interest in lectures, and within the first few minutes of session, interest in the content starts to decline. Teachers must engage students and change the setting in order to regain their students' attention. Teachers can utilise the quizzing programme Kahoot as a formative assessment tool increase student’s participation during lectures.4

Purpose of study: The aim of the study is to determine whether using this gaming programme Kahoot would improve grades for the medical students at CMH LMC& IOD and whether gamification has any positive effects on learning and enjoyment.

Methodology: An online competition using Kahoot® will be implemented on medical students of CMH Lahore Medical College & IOD in order to both stimulate their attention and strengthen their competencies. Furthermore, closed- or open-ended feedback questions will be gathered and examined.

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