Use Of Chlorophyll Microorganisms To Improve Physico-Chemical Properties Of Wastewater

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Alexander Pérez Cordero , Donicer E. Montes Vergara and Yelitza Aguas Mendoza


In this study, bioremediation with the alga Chlorella vulgaris was used for wastewater treatment. The microalgae Ch. vulgaris was obtained from the genomic bank of the Agricultural Bioprospecting research laboratory. The tests were carried out in triplicate and control phyco-reactors. Dissolved oxygen increased after 5 days, turbidity had a maximum increase after 10 days and then decreased after 20 days, total solids showed a decrease after 5 days and finally the salinity parameter decreased after 5 days. C. vulgaris presented an efficiency in the metabolization of organic compounds, as well as the absorption of these compounds and improved physico-chemical parameters in wastewater for its possible agricultural and livestock use.

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