Internal Control System And Detection Of Occupational Frauds With The Moderating Role Of Audit Committee

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Amer Shakeel (Corresponding Author), Imran Shahzad , Awais Ur Rehman


This study aims to investigate the effect of the Internal Control Systems (ICS) components on the detection of occupational fraud and the moderating role of the audit committee in the relationship between ICS components and occupational fraud. The data are collected from 413 persons working in the accounts, finance, and audit function of the companies listed in Pakistan. The collected data are analyzed through regression analysis. The present study predicts the framework for detecting occupational fraud using control activities, control environment, risk assessment, information and communication, and monitoring. The audit committee's role significantly and positively moderates the association among the latent constructs. The study outlines the implications and policy guidelines for the managers, policymakers, regulatory authorities, audit firms, and investors to understand the role of the significance of ICS and its components in the detection of occupational frauds and making this role more effective and efficient.

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