The Educational And Academic Challenges, Orphans Face From Their Point Of View, Compared To The Point Of Views Of Their Mothers And School Counselors

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Dr. Ismail Mohammad Ali Al Nabrawi


The study aimed to reveal the educational challenges facing orphans in the Charitable Society for Orphans Care in the Eastern Province "Bena, the descriptive analytical approach was used.  The sample of the study was of (137) persons, of whom were (55) orphans over 12 years old, (53) mothers of orphans, and (29) school counselors. The questionnaire was given to an exploratory sample of (29) orphans outside the basic sample. Specialized arbitrators reviewed the used tool to ensure its validity and the results showed the following:

The average of all challenges fields came to a small degree, which is an indication to the significant efforts of " Bena " towards orphans and their families, The highest rating was on the two domains: "emotional challenges" and "challenges of self-esteem and self-actualization." It was also found that orphans’ challenges increase with the increase of their mother's education level, while the academic and behavioral challenges appear more among families facing economic challenges, it also shows that older orphans are more susceptible to challenges of self-esteem and self-actualization. Social challenges facing older registered orphans in "Bena" are less in comparisons to newly enrolled orphans, finally the average rating of mothers for the challenges facing their children was the least, followed by the orphans rating, then the school counselor.

Considering the results, the study recommended implementing more preventive programs and activities to spare orphans the challenges that appeared, such as hasty decision-making, boredom, dependence on the family, and failure to achieve goals.

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