Professional Secrecy And Autonomy As Fundamental Ethics In Nursing Practice; A Systematic Review Based Study In Ksa

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Sheikhah Elyan Albalawi , Tareq Abdul Rhman Hamza Sehli , Mohammed Saleem Aljarallah , Mashael Mohammed Abdullah Algarni


Background: Nursing practices based on certain principles and standards based on already defined criteria regarding patient-centered care and health care services. It largely focuses on the identification of the need and requirements of the healthcare setting and paradigm that are associated with the fundamental obligation of trust, dignity, confidentiality, and self-determination regarding the healthcare services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Aim: To understand the professional secrecy and dynamics in clinical nursing practices regarding health care intervention. 

Method: A systematic literature review conducted through a personal rising the Barbara Kitchenham standardized procedure of systematic review that based on the identification of potential literature from 2020 to 2023. The process of data expression until the data screening and evaluation process done through the PRISMA diagram 2009. 

Results: The evaluation and extraction of data indicated that twelve articles selected based on the identified literature from the data basis and research engines. These articles were highly compliant and conjuring to the present study of mad objects. The overall results were 95% confidence with a margin of error is 5%. 

Conclusion: The professional secrecy and autonomy in nursing care based on higher conjugation of nursing practices that elevate the knowledge competencies and awareness among the patient with respect to fully aware nursing practices. Higher level of professional secrecy and autonomy increases the higher level of healthcare practices with the prognosis of health parameters

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