Inductive And Deductive Reasoning In Mathematics Of Female Middle School Students

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Haya Mohammad H. Albaqawi


This study seeks to identify the level of mathematical reasoning (inductive and deductive reasoning) among Saudi female middle school students in mathematics. A survey method was used to achieve the objectives of the study, where a questionnaire was distributed to 500 female students in the 8th grade in the city of Hail. The results indicate that the level of mathematical reasoning of the participants was weak (M = 3.88), where the inductive reasoning (M = 2.24) came first followed by the deductive reasoning (M = 1.64). Based on the results, the current study recommends the need to spread awareness of the importance of developing inductive and deductive reasoning among female middle school students in learning mathematics, adopting educational programs that contribute to the development of both types of reasoning, and directing those in charge of preparing mathematics curriculum to the importance of including both inductive and deductive reasoning in their textbooks.

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