A Comparison Of Overall Quality Management Methods In Public And Private Schools In Pakistan's Southern Punjab

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Waqas Mahmood, Muzammila Akram, Siti Noor Ismail, Mohd Muslim Md Zalli


Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management philosophy that emphasises continual improvement. Secondary education is offered in Pakistan by both the public and private sectors, and the purpose of this study was to examine comprehensive quality management techniques in two different categories schools in Pakistan's southern Punjab. Quantitative research design was used to collect data from 346 secondary school teachers, and the instrument of TQM used in this study was developed and tested by different researchers and Mahmood et al., (2020). Reliability coefficient was found to be above 0.80. Descriptive statistical analysis and factor analysis were also performed, and an independent t-test was used to evaluate the data. TQM practises differed significantly across private and public schools, resulting in higher quality schools. The findings add to the body of knowledge by presenting TQM components that can help teachers and school administrators establish quality management systems.

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