Use Of Free Software To Carry Out Analysis Health Statistics, Which Come From Different Types Of Source Files

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Fabian Londo , Narcisa Sánchez , José Llamuca , Ruffo Villa


The new structuring of Zones, Districts and Circuits carried out by the Ecuadorian state has generated a centralization of information towards the 9 zones that the country has, which are being strengthened and consolidated in their different limits. However, the lack of applications that help analyze and process information to make timely and appropriate decisions at the right time is notorious.

The development of a (B.I) Business Intelligence free software as stipulated by the government policy, allows the processing and analysis of information in a fast, reliable and timely manner through the use of statistical techniques, for this there will be a base of indicators that will allow decisions to be made in the administrative and managerial part, the Business Intelligence system is aimed at the Directors of processes of the Zonal Health Coordinations who are in charge of making decisions so that Public Health is of quality and reaches all Ecuadorians .

The final product of the work will be a website that allows viewing statistical health indicators, extracted through a concentration, processing and analysis of information from all the first, second and third level operational units that each Zonal Health Coordination has.

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