Dr. Burhan Aḥmad Fārūqī’s Concept Of Penetration Of Philosophy In Islāmic Sciences: An Analytical Study

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Dr. Muhammad Riaz , Syed Toqeer Abbas , Rana Muhammad Idrees , Ms. Shazia , Sonia Bari


Inception of some views and ideas under some methodology is the subject and area of functionality of philosophy. And Greek was the homeland of philosophy and it was nurtured there in the lap of Greek mythology. Islam has its own system of beliefs and convictions with its own system of emanation and methodology. Islam is not in need of any methodology other than that is prescribed in the holy Quran. Philosophy with all its methodologies was injected in Islam after the sorrowful insurgence of impracticality on Islam as a system. The amalgamated Islam was to be proved through utilizing the methods of the relevant portion. The question arises if there is any need of philosophy for Islām to be preached. Burhān Aḥmad Fārūqī (1905-1996) is the first ever philosopher among the Muslim scholars who felt that the issues must be resolved purely on the Qurānic methodology. It is very important to avoid the downfall of the Ummah to liberate Islam and the Muslims from the beliefs of other mythologies that can be penetrated through different methodologies. This paper provides an analytical study that Islāmic sciences were dragged to philosophy leaving the Qurānic methodology aside.

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