Efficiency Of Audio-Visual Use Of Short Films To Improve Halitosis Knowledge

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Dr. Drg. Vera Domunda , MARS, MH , Fanni Angraeni , Komarudin , S.IP, M.Sc, Drg. Muhammad zaal Hag, SoKg, Melani Agis Marludia M.Tr.Tgr


Knowledge of adolescents in maintaining healthy teeth and mouth is very important to prevent halitosis (bad breath). Health promotion efforts to target adolescents are the first and foremost priority. Current technological developments have a lot of influence in various aspects of human life. By developing very rapidly, information and communication technology in this era can be used as a potential container for promotional media in the field of dental and oral health. One of the interesting and easy-to-understand media is audio-visual short films. Objectives: To determine the efficiency of using audio-visual short films to increase knowledge of halitosis. Methods: This study used a survey method with a pre-post design approach. The sample in this study were 32 first-level students of the Puskesad Dental Health Academy who were taken by simple random sampling. Results: The statistical test shows that there is a difference between the results of the Pre-Test and Post-Test knowledge of the respondents, where the Asymp value. Sig (2-tailed) is 0.000, which means that the variable is smaller than 0.05, then it can be said that Ha is accepted. Conclusion: There is efficiency in using audio-visual short films to increase knowledge of halitosis.

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