Issues and Challenges in the Pandemic of Coronavirus: A Critical Analysis of Covid-19: A Global Novel in a Global Village

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Muhammad Anwar , Dr. Rab Nawaz Khan [Corresponding Author] , Dr. Abdul Waheed Qureshi


Living through the pandemic of COVID-19, a great deal of issues and challenges were observed. Issues, like socio-economic inequalities, political rivalries, patriarchy, religious misinterpretation and social stagnation existed long before the pandemic broke out, but they, along with media propaganda, behavioral change towards the pandemic and informal economies, posed serious challenges during the pandemic of corona virus. The current study aims at exploring these issues and challenges during the pandemic of COVID-19. The study is qualitative in nature. The study uses Greenham’s (2019) close reading technique with the framework of Durkheim’s (cited in Jonathan Turner, 1981) social integration theory for data analysis. The study concludes that social and economic inequalities across the globe, media propaganda, xenophobia, violence, social stagnation, political priorities and leadership’s disinterestedness towards the public prevailed during the pandemic.

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