Impact Of Mobile Learning Implementation In Efl/Esl: Systematic Review

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Haef Hussain Alotaibi and Ashraf Abdulaziz Zeidan


This paper examines the impact of mobile learning implementation in EFL/ESL through a systematic review and meta-analysis of literary productions in various scientific journals (Computers & Education, British Journal of Educational Technology, The Internet and Higher Education, Journal of Educational Technology & Society, Education and Information Technologies). A mixed-method approach with an integrated mixed synthesis design was used in this study, which followed the PRISMA 2020 guidelines. The study included (23) papers, extracted from four scientific journals, resulting in (33) effect sizes, which were checked for reliability using the MMAT 2018 tool. The results showed that the overall effect size was (0.9524) with a confidence interval of 95% (0.76 to 1.14), which indicates a very large effect size. The predictive inference for effect size ranged (-0.12 to 2.02). The results clarified the theoretical foundations, instructional design, language skills, stages of language learning, and tools used in EFL/ESL. The study recommended the implementation of mobile learning in EFL/ESL, providing support and assistance to learners, and conducting more research on the topic.

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