Us Foreign Policy Toward South Asian States: Policy Recommendation For Future

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Dr. Imran Wakil , Dr. Ghulam Mustafa , Nida Shabbir , Dr. Bilal Bin Liaqat , Dr. Anwar Ali


USA can never ignore a significant region like South Asia in its foreign policy. Now it is important for USA to reconsider its policy options while making any decision in future towards the member states of the region. This research tried to highlight the vital position of South Asia for regional and world politics.  Definitely USA does as each state work for promotion of its own interests, but at the same time it must not ignore the sensitivities of the regional states. It is emphasized that how regional as well as world geopolitical and geostrategic structure has been changed, so unilateralism will not be better option for USA policy makers in future. The main objective of this work is to offer some policy recommendations for USA policy maker like that of, involvement of regional as well as international stakeholder is required in resolving or tackling any issue in the region; keeping in view balance of power in South Asia while offering any military or strategic support to any of member state; support for democratic regimes in the region etc. This research is based on qualitative method of reasoning. Technique of document analysis has been used in the work. Several physical and electronic documents have been approached to interpret and understand the meaning and development on the topic.

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