Comparison Between Emotion Focused And Problem Focused Coping Strategies Of Stress Among Working Women In Pakistan

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Muhammad Sohail Nawaz Laghari , Israr Ahmed , Syeda Manal Fatima , Mehvish Shafiq , Aqsa Batool


This paper embraced comparative approach of emotion focused and problem focused coping strategies of stress among working women in Pakistan by underpinning literature review to results. Methodology A cross-sectional design as well as convenient sampling technique was used to collect data. The sample was comprised of 200 females working in different banks, markets, companies or organization, hospitals and educational institutions of Multan. Brief cope inventory was applied to investigate coping strategies while occupational stress index implemented to measure stress of working women. Descriptive and inferential statistics were considered to analyze data. T test was used to measure effect of marital status, job contractual status and job sector status on stress. Analysis of variance applied to examine effect of qualification, socioeconomic status and job profession on stress. Correlation was used to detect relationship between coping strategies and occupational stress. Findings The research findings indicate that women employed in the private sector experience more stress due to frequent changes in policies imposed by the administration. Conversely, government policies tend to remain stable for longer periods, resulting in a more flexible work environment and less stress for female employees. The research also reveals that women working in teaching professions tend to feel more relaxed, while those in public-facing or sales roles experience greater levels of stress. While, highly qualified women are more capable of handling problems and less prone to becoming stressed than less-educated women. Additionally, the socioeconomic status of a working woman's family plays a role in her stress levels, with those from affluent families work for enjoyment rather than financial necessity and experiencing less stress than those from poorer or middle-class backgrounds who must work to support themselves or their families. Conclusion Conclusive report recommended that emotional focused strategy of stress is more strategic in handling stress of women than problem focused strategy.

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