Coelho's Select Texts: A Psychobiographical Analysis

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Lakshmi Subramanian , Dr Gurpyari Bhatnagar


To investigate Paulo Coelho's intuitive processes throughout his life, this case study of psychobiography looks at him as a singular entity. Dilthey's framework for contemporary hermeneutics provides the theoretical backdrop for the study's single-case-study methodology. Based on a content analysis of texts written from both the first- and third-person perspectives, Paulo Coelho was selected as a study topic. It has been determined that Paulo Coelho, one of the most well-known and widely-read modern writers, relies heavily on his intuitions as a source of deeper direction in many areas of his life, including decision-making and personal growth. His personal story, including examples from his canon of creative works, illustrates his penchant for making decisions on the fly.

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