Exploring The Role Of Media In Creating Awareness About Environment Among University Students

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Dr Ashraf Iqbal , Hanan Akram , Dr. Sana Haroon


In Pakistan, discussions of the concepts of environment and environmental awareness are a very recent development. Therefore, Pakistan’s experience in environmental education is fairly new. While primary school provides a semi-planned environmental education, it is obvious that in institutions of higher education environmental education is not adequate at all. Even though there are a great number of organizations engaged in environmental issues, their environmental education activities are inadequate. The purpose of this study is to examine Pakistan’s environmental problems and how environmental awareness and education is conducted; to address the economic, social and communicative dimensions of environmental education; and to evaluate the media's contribution to environmental education and to environmental awareness. The researcher adopted the quantitative research design for the purpose of data collection. The self-made questionnaire will be the research instrument and the collected data will be analyzed by using SPSS 21.0.

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