The E-Learning In Times Of Covid 19 In The Algerian University (Challenges And Prospects)

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Dr: Belkacemi Mohammed Lazhar , Belhocine Karima


Our intervention is part of the presentation of a vision of a new mode of teaching-learning that is currently being experienced Algerian university, which is E-learning. It's about a simplified presentation on the nature of E-learning in order to define all the areas related to this new teaching method as a first time and to clarify the characteristics and transformations carried out by this tool in the process of Algerian higher education, as a second step we focused on the role of the E-learning during the covid-19 pandemic as well as its effectiveness and we aim at the end to propose resolutions which would contribute to its improvement and this obviously needs an answer to these two questions: what are the challenges facing universities in order to involve the teacher and the learner in the online teaching process? What are the terms suitable for successful online teaching during the covid-19 pandemic?

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