Cultural Invasion Of The Islamic World By The West

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Dr. Abdul Naseer , Dr. Atiq Ullah , Dr. Abdul Haq , Dr. Asad Ullah , Dr. Ilyas Ahmad , Aqeel Ahmed Siddiqui


Every nation in the world has its own culture and society, which is a manifestation of the collective identity of this nation, and the religion that every nation believes in, it constantly tries to maintain their identity and not to disturb the culture of any other nation and nation. If people of any religion lose their national dress, ways and other identities, then no matter how educated, smart and materially advanced they are, they are not called a permanent nation, but their religious identity in the world is lost. Muslims also have a different identity among other nations of the world in their separate culture and collective life, and if this difference is eliminated, then there is no apparent difference between them and the disbelievers.

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