Implementation Of Language Proficiency For Teachers (Lpt) Project And Its Impact On Teachers' Social And Professional Advancement

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Maria Cristina S. Dela Cerna , Rolly G. Salvaleon


One of the four-fold function of a State University in the Philippines is its Extension Services, which serves as its Corporate Social Responsibility in the community. Language Proficiency for Teachers (LPT) is one of the extension projects of the North Eastern Mindanao State University since 2016 up to the present under Continuing Professional Development Program. The goal of this project is to provide knowledge and skills to all professionals within the city as well as the province as a whole. Given the duration of its implementation, this impact assessment aimed to answer three objectives; (1) evaluate the implementation of LPT project; (2) measure its impact to the beneficiaries’ social and professional advancement; and (3) determine the barriers in the implementation of the project. To this end, the study adopts the concurrent mixed-methods research design, which combines quantitative method through a survey questionnaire and qualitative method through interview.  Results reveals that the LPT project in general gets an overall weighted mean of 4.92 described as best. Two themes are identified in terms of the impact of the project to the beneficiaries which are deepening professional knowledge in the discipline and advancement of professional growth. Lastly, the barriers on the project implementation includes time constraint, financial issues, overlapping schedules and  delayed supplies due to procurement process. Further, the findings give baseline data which will help the project implementers improve the projects to best serve its purpose.

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