Historical Study Of The Ancient Iranian Civilization Under Zoroastrianism And The Impact Of Islam

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Dr. Abdul Aleem , Dr. Nida Fatima , Dr. Sohail Akhtar , Dr. Naeem Anwer , Dr. Talib Ali Awan , Dr. Muhammad Sarwar


This is an analytical study regarding ancient Iranian Civilization which was an important part of the history due to the close connection with the great Mesopotamian Civilization of the same region. Before the advent of Islam Iran considered an important regional power under the Sassanid’s Dynasty. In this period of history, the socio-religious condition of the country was according to Zoroastrianism which founded by Zoroaster. In ancient Iran Zoroaster was followed as prophet of this religion and people worshiped fire due to manifestation of nature. After the advent of Islam in Arabia Zoroastrianism face debacle and Iran was occupied by the Muslims in 16 A.H/ 638 A.D. In the region Iranian people are considered to be the custodians of an ancient cultural and political heritage. Historically and culturally, the Iranian civilization is also considered a contemporary civilization of the ancient Mesopotamian civilization. Apart from the social and cultural background, the Iranian Empire also has a prominent position in the region politically which was formed by Caesar the Great and its rise came in the time of Darius-I. When, the battle of Qadsiya in 16 AH decided the fate of Iran. The conquest of Median was a declaration of the end of Yazd-e-Jard's rule. Politically, Iran was considered more developed than contemporary states. This study is historical based and that’s why historical method of research qualitative approach has been used to compile with historical material. The study also explored the socio-cultural condition of the Iranian civilization which was extremely under the magical influence of Zoroastrianism as the official religion and a tool of mutual collaboration and harmony in the society. While Islam as a universal religion changed the whole scenario of the society under Zoroastrian.  As a result, the advent of Islam completely changed the social and religious life of the society of Iran and a new civilization started, based on Islamic principles as Oneness of Allah Almighty, Prophet-hood of Muhammad (PBUH). This article describes the ancient Iranian socio-religious culture that culminated the Sassanid’s dynasty and Zoroastrianism by Islam.  

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