The Degree Of Using Mental Training Among Taekwondo Coaches In Palestine

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Maha Rasim Jarrad


The purpose of this paper is to identifying the degree of use of mental training in its various forms by taekwondo trainers in Palestine. The study sample included (30) male and female taekwondo trainers in Palestine. The researcher used the descriptive approach due to its suitability to the nature of this study, by using a questionnaire she designed. The most important results of this study indicated that mental training from the point of view of taekwondo trainers is no less critical than skillful, physical or even tactical training and that the degree of use of mental training for the study sample was moderately high, reaching (2.34). The study also showed statistically significant differences in the degree of using mental training between trainers according to gender variables and the level of training certificates. The results were in favor of females with an average of (1.86) and in favor of local certificates with an average of (1.58). Based on the obtained results, the researcher came up with some recommendations, the most important of which are: Giving more attention to mental training and placing it within the annual tactical for trainers, focusing more on developing trainers in this aspect, and holding training courses to train on the tools, mechanisms, and items of mental and intellectual training.

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