Dungngo: The Unheard Voice Of A Father

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Christian C. Gandeza , Claire Antonette V. Santisteban , Mark Jaybee R. Galay , Marjorie Pendaden , Maria Ana N. Ilagan , Jan Michael A. Tolentino


This study aimed to discover the experiences and explored the unheard love (dungngo) language of 'fathers' toward developing parenting programs to increase fathers' involvement in the family. It is a phenomenological research design using the interview as the main research gathering tool. It has a total of 30 father-participants - 10 widows, 10 single fathers, and 10 complete families coming from the different barangays of the municipality of Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur. The participant’s fathers were chosen through purposive sampling. Based on the data gathered, the following were the findings that described the experiences of different fathers. There are five (5) themes presented, which include Father as Provider, Father as Believer, Fathers’ Sorrows, the Fathers’ Joy, and Father as Worker. The parenting experience of a Father encountered in rearing their children. There are five (5) themes presented, which include teaching them to be obedient, teaching them to be mature enough, Father as a Guidance Counselor, Father as a sense of hope, and Father as a life changer. The developmental parenting program that could be developed to increase father’s involvement are the following 6Bs Developmental Program for fathers:  Boost your IQ, Boost Self Confidence, boost your Model Identity, Boost your Bonding Moment, Boost Independence and Boost Parental Rights in the Law. In light of the findings and conclusion of the study, this study can give parenting programs whatever the fathers need in rearing children. Second, parenting programs must be religiously carried out by the municipality for a better understanding of the love language of fathers to increase fathers' involvement in the family.

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