Comprehensive Study Of Student’s Criminal Activities In Educational Institutes

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Nighat younas , Saima aftab , Isbah Nisar


The main purpose of education is to reduce crime in the society, but instead of this crime is also found in educational institutions (e.g. Smoking, Bunking, Fighting with other, Cheating destroy the college Universities property)and behind these crimes there are different reasons (e.g. Stress, Parent problem, bad company), Get support Without any reason, After punishment) when a student commits crime it create a problem not only for him but also  for another student and it disturbs the college/University environment. And these crimes also effect on the education of other students. The researcher tries to find out the reason of increasing crime in college/Universities and its effect on the student education, youth crime refers to any interactions with the criminal justice system as a result of criminal behavior, and can also mean antisocial or risky behavior of juveniles such as substance abuse.

 At the same time, school/college and universities dropout can encourage juveniles to become involved in criminal behavior. From the one hand, lower educational attainment and criminal involvement can develop a dynamic interrelationship. The purpose of current study is to know the actual causes of criminal activities and how to eradicate them with quality education and make the environment of educational institutes a better place for education and personality grooming for individuals.

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