Scarcity Of Water In Quetta – A Way Forward

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Rafi Khan , Dr. Maria Malik


Water scarcity is severe in Quetta, the capital city of Pakistan’s largest province Balochistan. This scarcity of water if continued at this high rate can lead to a mass exodus from the province’s only large metropolis and can create some gruesome social, political, and demographic issues. Considering these reasons, a study was carried out by adopting a qualitative research methodology using interviews with key officials related to water departments as a tool. The findings of the study suggest that water from the river Indus through the channel of Kachi canal should be pumped to Quetta in the shorter run to fill the gap of the water need. In the longer run, more dams need to be built. Moreover, the mismanagement and bad governance found within the water-related departments need to be taken highly into consideration to resolve the issue and a more balanced approach should be adopted to conserve and store water.

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