Roads To Riches; Impact Of Roads On Economic Development Of Pakistan

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Ahtasham Nasir , Muhammad Zahir Faridi (Corresponding Author) , Rana Zafar Hayat , Khawaja Asif Mehmood , Muhammad Aurmaghan


Roads play imperative devoir in human progression since primeval times. Commencing earliest road about 2600 BC in Egypt to the modern-day district roads, highways, and motorways, the roadways have bolstered humans throughout the history chronicles to evolve socially, politically, and in economic activities. The primary objective of this study is to investigate relationship between roads and riches in Pakistan. The empirical findings of panels formed in the study have revealed that roads lead to prosperity as they have stronger positive bond with gross domestic product, agricultural output, industrial output, human development index, per capita income, urban area growth, employment in agricultural, industrial, and services sector. Roads lead to transformation of economy from traditional to the advance. For a growing economy, roads are like veins through which all economic activity flows, links firms to access the markets and labor to the firms.

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