An Exploration Of Functionality Of Non-Fiction Texts - A Multi-Dimensional Comparative Analysis Of Native Varieties Of English

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Mudassara Muzaffar , Dr. Maimoona Abdulaziz , Abida Parveen , Safia Ishaq , Iram Shahzadi


Linguistic variation is a trending topic to study the functionality of languages on the grounds of theory, methodology, and practicality. This study sets out to explore the linguistic functionality of native non-fiction texts varieties. Through comparative Multi-dimensional (MD) analyses homogeneous and heterogeneous ranges between the American and British nonfiction texts are found. Data for the current research is taken from the corpus that is formed by the random selection of 400 American and British nonfiction texts allocated into the sub-categories of prose, research article, newspaper, and essay. For comparative MD analyses of each sub-genre of American and British non-fiction texts MAT tagger 1.3.2 findings was taken. The outcome indicates that there is a slight hegemony of American nonfiction texts over British nonfiction texts in terms of linguistic functions especially on D1 and D3 which suggests that American nonfiction texts are somehow more informative and explicit than British nonfiction texts. The possible reasons for these linguistic variations in native Englishes are also discussed in section 5.

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