Administrative Disparities And Executive Challenges For Head Teacher In School Operations At Secondary Schools Of Rural Areas Of Sindh, Pakistan

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Syed Ali Murtaza Shah , Sumaira Batool , Zoya Zahoor


Education is the fundamental right to provide equally free and compulsory basis at the nook and corner for the public of the state (Article 25- A) despite of being fundamental concern it is under the grave discrimination through urban and rural education system. Undoubtedly rural education is gravely destroyed due to deep administrative ignorance and frail accountability and impotence government and institutional stake. Study explored the administrative disparities and executives challenges faced by head in execution school affairs and fair teaching learning activities at assigned secondary school. Study was conducted through qualitative method and narrative, data were collected through purposive sampling from the ten school heads of secondary school through semi structured interviews. Study explored that school administration faces shortage of resources in terms of material and human resources, arrogant attitude of teachers and community which badly affects the school operations and execution of school management. Teachers unions have created troubles and issues for the school and administration consequently which stimulates the dropout of students and absenteeism of teachers. Assessment and evaluation mechanism is deeply influenced by community and political activist teachers which deprived the smooth flow of school operations and dysfunctions the institutional activities in secondary schools of Sindh.

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