An Analytical Study Of Pakistan Standard PS: 3733-2022

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Maria Gul , Junaid Akbar , Muhammad Kamran , Kosar Bibi


PS:3733-2022 is the fifth version of the Pakistan standard PS:3733-2019 was the fourth revision which was an excellent standard but considering the country’s needs it was revised and a new standard was created called PS:3733-2022(R) OIC/SMIIC 1: 2019. This standard has been created by modified adopting the SMIIC 1:2019 which is an international standard. There are differences in some of the clauses such as under the National Annex only Prawns, fish and their species are halal in sea foods while the use of all marine animals in the portion of SMIIC is permissible. Similarly, stunning is prohibited under the national annexation, while it is permissible under certain conditions in the SMIIC portion. This may boost Pakistan’s halal market, whereby certified products will gain importance in the global market, especially in countries that follow SMIIC standards and are members. In PS:3733-2022 National Annex added ten clauses nine clauses were added from the old standard of 2019 which covered marine animals, animals feed, mechanized slaughter, and others. Clause ten deals with the analysis of raw materials, which were not in SMIIC 1 and PS:3733-2019, products for use in Pakistan, and what will be imported must meet these requirements.

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