Practicing Visual Cognitive Activities Among Pakistani ESL Learners: A Behavioral Analysis Of Individuals On Their Learning Performance

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Ayra Tariq , Dr Marriam Bashir , Dr. Muhammad Shafiq , Zafar Iqbal


The study was design to provide the understanding of English language the use of cognitive styles among Pakistani ESL learners. English is basically a language. So, if any one wants to learn any nation’s language, then they have to know about rules and regulations of language. Therefore, learning grammar is the process of learning English. By learning grammar, we actually know or understand the process of learning English. So, the proposed study was designed to employ two different cognitive styles that are visual cognitive style and focus cognitive style among Pakistani ESL learners. Main objective of this study was to enhance second language acquisition progress by using cognitive styles. This study is qualitative by nature. The data was collected through a questionnaire and a pictogram by utilizing the random sampling technique. These styles functioned as a reflection of self-training session in order to match individual characteristics of learners with performed learning activities. Holistic and analytical approach are used for organising the data. Findings include involvement of focused activities for learning new vocabulary easily and usage of different drills to enhance basic semantic knowledge of English lexical.

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