Thematic Analysis Of The Novel "Flights" By Olga Tokarczuk Using The Pragma-Stylistics Approach

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Dr. Samina Sarwat , Dr. Muhammad Imran , Mr. Waheed Shahzad , Ms. Haleema Sadia


Pragma-Stylistics combines stylistics with a pragmatic component. When researching the stylistic potential of a language, or specific structure, or examining a specific text, Pragma-Stylistics pays attention to the qualities that a speaker may select from a range of acceptable forms in the same language that is semantically similar but perform distinct purposes in various ways. Pragma-Stylistics provides an explanation that is more comprehensive because stylistics and pragmatics alone are unable to explain many previously unexplained events. As an emerging field, Pragma-Stylistics is very effective in analyzing the various literary genres, particularly the Novel.

The current research is to ascertain the thematic significance while implying different stylistic devices to add-on to the pragmatic aspects of the novel Flight by Olga Tokarczuk. The Flights is a fragmented novel by Polish novelist Olga Tokarczuk. Jennifer Croft translated the work into English. It has 116 vignettes. The researcher utilized effectively Grice and Sort Model (2007) model. In the use of the Grice and Short model in Fiction a practical checklist of pragma-stylistics is offered. This model enables us to collect data on a systematic basis. The list is split into four categories and subdivisions. This model helps to find out the themes and their pragmatic effects heightened by pragma-stylistics devices. The results show the importance of these concepts to understand as well as to appreciate them. This study has extended the scope and validated that Pragma- Stylistics is more comprehensive in analyzing the literary text where stylistics and pragmatics alone are unable to explain many previously unexplained events, themes, and meanings. The Pragma-Stylistics did it explicitly.

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