Impact Of Guidance And Counseling Services On Students’ Development At The University Level

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Dr.Shabeena shaheen , Dr.Muhammad Iqbal , Dr, Muhammad Naqeeb UL Khalil Shaheen


The main purpose of the study is to measure the impact of Guidance&Counseling  Services on students' Development at the University level. Student development was taken in three basic domains(academic, moral, and social development). Six research hypothesis were formulated. The study was descriptive and a survey method was used.  The quantitative research design was used in the study. The population of the study was all public and private university students in Islamabad. The stratified sampling technique was used. The sample was selected based on  Krejcie and Morgan's sample size calculation. The sample comprised 900 hundred students who were selected from private universities. A Self-developed questionnaire was used to collect the data. The reliability of the student questionnaire was 0.836. Mean, and Standard Deviation was used to explore the availability of Guidance and Counseling services at the university lev. Regression was used to measure Guidance services' impact on student development. Guidance and Counseling services were a significant predictor of students' academic, moral, and social development. development. It was also found a positive impact of guidance & counseling services on students' academic, moral, and social development. Higher education management may strengthen students' guidance and counseling services at the university level.

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