Power Abuse In The Kite Runner: The Foucauldian Perspective

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Sadia Nazeer , Mohammad Muazzam Sharif , Dr. Anbarin Fatima , Maleeha , Wajeeha Khan


This research aims to explore power abuse by the prominent characters in Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, through Foucauldian perspective of “Disciplinary Power”. The novel is based in Kabul and the story reveals utilization of power position by controlling others. For instance, Assef uses his power to oppress and abuse Hassan and his son, Sohrab, who belong to a different ethnic group Hazara. His hatred towards Hazaras is reflected through his offensive dialogues in the story. Amir, the protagonist of the novel is represented as the oppressed as well as the oppressor. Baba's role in the novel is of a strong patriarch whose illegitimate relationship with Hassan's mother remains concealed until his death. He manages to maintain his reputation in the society throughout his life and deprives his sons from the truth to know about their birth and brotherhood.

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