Factors Effecting Psychological And Social Needs Of Orphans’ Mothers

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Omar M. Muammar, PhD, and Ahmad S. Elsharkasy, PhD


The aim of the current study is to explore the variables related to psychological and social needs and to identify the important factors affecting the needs of orphans’ mothers: age, family category, belonging period, duration of marriage before the husband’s death, financial status, widowhood period, educational level, family economic standard, number of male and female children, and mental health indicators. The study sample comprised 137 orphans’ mothers. Al-Muammar et al. (2020) prepared a psychological and social needs questionnaire and a list of indicators of mental health. The results showed that the mothers most in need in the psychological and social dimensions are the youngest and those whose marriage period was short before the husband’s death. The severity of these needs increases when mothers have a higher educational level. In addition, there is no significant correlation between the psychological and social needs of the orphans’ mothers, their economic status, and the duration of widowhood. Moreover, the results indicated that two factors contributed to predicting the psychological and social needs of the orphans’ mothers: the number of daughters in the family and the ideas that mothers did not want to share with others. Psychological needs increase among mothers with a high educational level, while  social needs increase among younger mothers.

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