Exploring The Relationship Between University Teachers Time Management Behaviour And Job Performance

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Dr. Iqbal Amin Khan , Dr. Munir Khan , Dr. Abdur Rashid , Ms. Gulana , Dr. Abid Khan


Research literature shows that possessing better time management skills predicts better job performance in the organization. This study examined the association between university teachers’ time management skills and job performance in Malakand division. The study population is comprised of all working teachers at three public sector universities located in the division. By using stratified sampling method 250 teachers were selected from three universities. The data were collected from the respondents through self-developed questionnaires consisted of 83 Likert type statements. Time management behaviour was measured through 45 Likert type statements while job performance of university teachers was measured through 38 Likert-scale items. Both the questionnaires were validated through a panel of experts. Cronbach alpha values for the questionnaires were .83 and .87 respectively. The collected data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and Pearson co-efficient of correlation. The study results revealed that universities teachers perceived time management behaviour has positive significant relationship with their perceived job performance. The increasing level of the time management behaviour was associated with the increasing level of job performance.  Time management intervention program and seminars for universities teachers might prove to be effective strategies to increase their job performance level.

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