Fashion And Culture: Transformation Of Getup Based On Gender Through Fashion Images Of Print Media

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Saba Sultana , Dr. Noor Hayat


Media holds a great influence to transform cultural standards of a place. The main objective of the research was to assess the transformation in male and female clothing, makeup, hair styles and shoes through fashion images of selected newspapers of Pakistan. Furthermore, to identify the factors that leads to transform overall getup of male and female.  Quantitative content analysis was performed and fashion photographs published in three leading English newspapers of Pakistan (Dawn, The News and The Nation) and three leading Urdu newspapers (Jang, Nawa- I- waqt and Express) during selected years were assessed. Findings revealed that Females models got more coverage as compare to male models. Majority of the male models were wearing western dresses (52.9%) whereas majority of female models were wearing traditional dresses (54.9). The results of the analysis explicate the significant difference between the dressing of groups on the basis of gender [F(3, 3116) = 4.518, p=0.012]; hairstyle [F(3, 3116) = 6.378, p=0.004]; makeup [F(3, 3116) = 5.315, p=0.010]; and footwear [F(3, 3116) = 16.627, p=0.000]. The eta squared calculated for dressing, hairstyle, makeup and footwear was 0.051, 0.056, 0.049 and 0.015 respectively showing moderate effect. There was more variation in terms of female models’ getup as compared to male models’ getup. Furthermore environmental, socio-cultural, global trends and religious events have moderate effects in terms of transforming dressing, hairstyles, make up looks and foot-ware of males and females in Pakistan.

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