An Evaluative Study Of Using Student Learning Outcome Verbs In The Correct Learning Domains

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Dr. Mogahed Mohamed Abu Al-Fadl , Mohammad Seemab Khan


This study aimed at finding out to what extent do language teachers use student learning outcome verbs in the correct learning domains (e.g. knowledge, cognitive skills, interpersonal skills and responsibility, communication and information technology, and psychomotor) and how verbs can be used in more than one domain. A qualitative method was used in terms of content analysis of learning outcomes. The sample includes 33 course specifications. The results yielded lists of: verbs that are purely used in the knowledge domain; verbs that are purely used in the cognitive domain; and verbs that can be used in more than one domain. Therefore, it is essential to use the correct verb for the learning outcome. The starting point for formulating correct learning outcomes is the course description, plus the course content. It should be clear that some verbs can be used in different domains with different meanings. Some recommendations were made.

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