Afghan Society: Us Policy And Post 9/11 Instability

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Mairaj ul Hamid , Dr. Sadia Sulaiman , Dr. Ishaq Ahmad , Faisal Zaman , Sher Hasan , Dr. Abid Khan


Afghanistan has been in perpetual instability since last four decades after the invasion of USSR and then NATO under the leadership of United States of America. United States after the demise of Taliban started reconstruction of building of Afghan nation and spent more than a trillion dollars for the said purpose, with few apparent achievements, yet she couldn't achieve the desired targets due to many factors, i.e. lack of understanding of Afghan society, culture, history, role of regional players, no proper head towards political settlement with the Taliban, continuous change in policies, strategies and command in American camps accompanied by losing control of different areas due to engagement in Iraq war. United States adopted different approaches in the reins of George. W. Bush, Barrack Hussain Obama, and now Donald Trump. The mountainous terrain of Afghanistan proved more difficult than Vietnam for America. She looked many things with her own approach of handling issues with lack of understanding of new dimensions of Afghan social fabric, treacherous nature of regional players and last but not the least, the loopholes in handling increasing militancy and reorganization of Taliban in Afghanistan.

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