Environmental Sustainability Through Green Human Resource Management Practices: An Analyses Of Industries Of Lahore, Pakistan

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Mohi ud Din , Aqeel Ahmad


This study aims at exploring the role of green HR practices as a contributor to the solution of environmental degradation in developing economies like Pakistan through developing pro-environmental behavior in employees. The study has been conducted in the industrial sector of Lahore Pakistan. Data was collected through a survey questionnaire from 273 respondents that comprise HR managers, Leaders, and other employees. The analyses were performed using SmartPLS 4.0. The reliability statistics and structural equation modeling were applied. The findings suggest that green HR practices positively and significantly impact environmental sustainability. It further reveals that employees’ pro-environmental behavior partially mediates the relationship between green HR practices and environmental sustainability. Hence, green HR practices along with employees’ pro-environmental behavior have the strongest impact on environmental sustainability. This is a unique study in the context of Pakistan that explores the importance of green HR practices to achieve the goals of environmental sustainability by developing environmentally friendly behavior among employees of the organization. This study would add the body of knowledge to the literature on sustainability that would help organizations of developing economies particularly Lahore, Pakistan which is under extreme environmental threat nowadays to reduce environmental degradation issues to a great extent. Future studies may explore different dimensions of the concept with the different mediator(s) and moderator(s) in different geographical context.       

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