Does Metaphysic Play Any Role In Education In View Point Of George Berkeley

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Dr. Ashfaq Afzal , Dr. Hina Munir , Dr. Shakeela Shah , Dr. Muhammad Javaid Iqbal , Dr. Muhammad Amjad Abid


This study was conducted to determine the role of metaphysics in education. The purpose of the study, according to George Berkeley, is to learn the role of metaphysics in education, define metaphysics in education, and examine the metaphysics of idealism in education. A questionnaire was used to collect data from a sample selected through random sampling techniques. The questionnaire uses a Likert scale. SPSS software was used to find the mean, standard deviation and percentage of the product. Most of the respondents found that the teacher has an important role in the learning process, focusing on the teacher's brainstorming to get ideas and meaning through discussion, dialogue, and that the school encourages students to work together, listen, and respect others. In addition, the curriculum must include the philosophical concept of metaphysics as a theory of education. The initial stage. Curriculum should provide possibilities for conducting research and putting idealism's educational and philosophical ideas into new contexts.

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